Reduce workforce cost significantly while increasing productivity with a game changing SaaS based mobile workforce solution leveraging AI and IoT.

Improve your business. Seamlessly!

Solve various business issues and problems effectively through AI technology implementations

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Unorganized coordination and task management

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Unclear accountability and transparency of work

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Inefficient on-ground personnel allocation

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Illegal parking violations

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Traffic congestion

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Covid-19 transmission

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Provide notable savings

Eliminates upfront cost of purchase/installation, and on-going costs like maintenance and upgrades.

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Access information anywhere even from your mobile devices.

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Save more times

Installation is as simple as having an internet connection and loging-in.

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Flexibility and scalability

We provide fantastic flexibility and options. Change your usage plan anywhere, anytime.

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Easy to use

Experience our solutions seamlessly with easy-to-use interface.

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Automatic updates

We provide software updates and the deployment on the server.


We collaborate with a range of organizations, both government and private sectors, including local authorities and public bodies, property developers, etc.


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